Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Constitution

Please click here to view the latest draft of the Lambeth CCG Constitution

This has been published at an early stage to raise awareness of the type of information that will be included in the constitution.

We are keen that this developed into a document that is owned by practices and are therefore seeking practice input on a range of key issues, including:

A.  Roles and responsibilities and scale of delegation to member practices/localities/governing body (the board) e.g. it is proposed that the first delegation is for members to the governing body (effectively the Board) for nearly all things to allow effective delivery of the CCG duties.   What is what might be reserved to members – i.e. clinical board member appointment, constitution.

B.  How should elections (e.g. to board) be managed e.g. one practice = one vote, or one vote per performer on list, or one vote per 1000 registered population at practice (as per SELDOC)?

C.  Are there conditions on practice membership e.g. in Lambeth boundary? Should there be expectations on members eg code of conduct, active participation in discussions? If so, what would be expected?

D. How do members want to be engaged? e.g. a minimum of two all practice events a year plus regular locality engagement

E.  how should potential conflicts of interest be managed?

F.  What should be the role of the LMC?

We’d be keen to have your views at the all practice event on 17th July, or in writing to

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