Welcome to the site of Lambeth PBC Collaborative.

Coming into existence in April 2009, we will be working with the three PBC localities in Lambeth, the 52 practices in those localities, our patients, and commissioning colleagues, to advance PBC in Lambeth.

There is a board, meeting monthly with a GP and a manager from each consortium.

We are:
South East: Dr Gillian Ellsbury, Dr Daniel Atkinson, Marie Ah-Moye
SACH: Dr Ray Walsh, Dr adrian McLachlan, Judy Cook
North: Dr John Balazs, Dr Raj Mitra, Joel Patrick

Dr Adrian McLachlan is the current chair, and Dr John Balazs vice chair.

We have a Business Support Unit, Sara White as Exec Officer and Alicia Reeves as business support .

There are agreed terms of reference signed by all practices, clarifying their relationship to each locality.  There are further terms of reference clarifying the work of the collaborative.

LPBCC BSU ToR (June09) (See below for revised document)

Terms of Reference (Revised September 09)

Lambeth PBC Plan (Apr09)

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