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In line with our future name as an authorised Clinical Commissioning Group, and improving content and appearance, we are moving to a new site, www.lambethccg.nhs.uk

This site will remain as an archive. The new site will have all the important content from before, with new content, presented in a way that should be easier to navigate.

Improving the Earlier Diagnosis of Cancer

Improving the early diagnosis of cancer is a national and local priority. The SEL Cancer Network is providing a free training event in April for GPs and practice nurses to look at ways to improve the earlier detection of cancer – please do make sure that you send at least one representative from each practice to this interesting and innovative event. Full details in attached flier.
2012.04.25 Flyer and Agenda for 25th April

Clinical Commissioning in Lambeth

With today’s statement from RCGP and continuing discussions on the Health and Social Care Bill, I thought it useful to restate the Lambeth position, as articulated in brief at our All Practice Event on Tuesday. I think it is also worth reflecting that amongst the over 100 from primary care present in the room, I heard broad support for what we are doing.
It is my view, and I do not sense much challenge to this, that greater clinical involvement and leadership in commissioning is an obviously worthwhile activity.
In Lambeth, we build on a history of collaborative working between clinicians and managers, as well as trying to engage our patients and population, and partners in secondary care, social care and the voluntary sector.
The changes we have made so far are all within existing legislation and governance, although recognise that around us, changes are happening that anticipate the passage of the Bill.
I would therefore urge that whilst we may hold a range of views on the political drive to reforms, we would be doing a disservice to our patients and colleagues not to continue with the positive changes we are making, which I believe are starting to deliver meaningful change in difficult times.


All Practice Event 12th October

All Practice Event – Invite

Above is the invite and flyer for our next engagement event, at Coin Street on the afternoon of 12th October, and draft agenda below.

Agenda – All Practice Event 12 Oct 2011

Thanks to everyone for attending , and to all the team who made it happen.
Copy of presentations below, and outputs when written up will be added.

Clinical event 12 October 2011 FINAL PRESENTATION

All Practice Event – 12 October 2011 Delegate Pack