Health Inequalities

Health inequalities is a growing issue and a challenge for the health service in the context of growing demand and needs. Partners have started to put together local intelligence and tools to support you as a health professional in your understanding and commissioning decisions.

On this site you can find:

  • Information on health inequalities in Lambeth and the epidemiological profile.
  •  Tools to diagnose and measure health inequalities to ensure that health inequalities are addressed as part of commissioning.
  •  Papers and reports of studies on health inequalities in Lambeth using locally available data.
  •  The proceedings of the Lambeth  Health inequalities conference held on 28th February 2012.

The conference theme was ‘making a difference, together’. In addition to presentations delivered at the conference from some of the leads in the field of health inequalities, there were workshops on some of the key priorities facing Lambeth. The conference concluded with a discussion session aimed at translating some of the ideas into commissioning intentions so that the end result will be a series of proposed interventions designed to make real changes in health and health outcomes.  The conference  was a great opportunity for different front line workers to meet colleagues in the academic Departments of Primary Care (KCL and LSBU), Lambeth Public Health, Lambeth Council and Lambeth Local Involvement Network (LINk), and pool our knowledge and effort to tackle health inequalities.  For additional information please click here

A range of documents related to Health inequalities including resources can be found below.  Please click on the documents to access

Marmot Report Session NHS Lambeth 29 April 2012

Marmot Indicators – Indicator Guide 9 02 11_1

Approach for comprehensive care to diabetes

Assessing quality & cost prescribing major killers

Balanced score card to tackle HI

Closing the gap – finding the thousands

Develop taxonomy of GP practices

Develop workforce plan to manage chronic disease registers

GP Chronic disesase management audits using z-score dashboards

Systematic approach to raising the bar in primary care

Seasonal access deaths

Developing targeted services to increase accessibility

Develop & implement a strategic framework for community engagement

Case study HEA hypertension Nov 2007v1

Case study- HEA MMR-final

Case study HEA EOR

Case study HEA SCS-final report

HEA maternity services SE London_08

Breast Screening Health Equity Audit Draft

APHR Lambeth 2003-04

Lambeth APHR Cover Page

Lambeth APHR Foreword & Contents

Lambeth APHR Chapters 1 – 4

Lambeth APHR Chapter 5 – Conclusions & recs

Lambeth APHR A year’s progress & datasets

Lambeth APHR Bibliography

APHR Lambeth 2007-08

APHR Lambeth 2008-09

Lambeth APHR 2009-10

Briefing to accompany the HCP Crib sheet final with all amendments


Health Inequalities – Q& A final

Glossary health Inequalities final_1

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