Incident Reporting & Quality Alerts

Please click on one of the three categories below to report your issue or incident.  Please ensure you select the system most appropriate to your concern.

Incident reporting – Datix should be used to report  incidents in the normal manner.  This is specifically for any event or circumstance arising in the course of providing or supporting the provision of healthcare services that could have or did lead to unintended or unexpected harm, loss or damage to a patient.

Quality alerts

General systematic and operational failures – you should use the quality alerts system to report issues where there has been a systematic failure at a provider or an issue that keeps arising and you think should be addressed.  Quality alerts are monitored, reported and discussed with providers on a quarterly basis at quality meetings and issues are addressed on a themed basis.  You will not receive an individual response via this route but it will help to resolve issues that cause GP practices and patients concern.

Issues requiring an immediate or individual response should not be reported here, but through existing channels, links on this page.

We will provide regular aggregate reports to providers, practices, localities and commissioners on quality alerts.

The reporting form will be updated from end September 2011.


Complaints are individually raised by complainants and monitored by providers to identify systematic issues.  Please select the relevant provider below to access their complaints process:

18 thoughts on “Incident Reporting & Quality Alerts

  1. A&E discharge letter from KCH which contained no useful information for an 18 year old man:

    working diagnosis “other specified to comment”
    investigations “no investigations recorded”
    referrals “no referrals recorded”
    outcome “discharged”
    comment for GP “no GP comment recording”

    from “the ED Team”

  2. would be good to praise the positive as well – e.g. urology at GSTT is really excellent service at present which patients are very very happy with – efficient and effective and very short waits

  3. Why does St Georges continually have a problem with referring from one dept e.g. orthopaedics to physiotherapy? Patientswho live in Lambeth are being refused this unless the patient comes back to the GP for a referral to physio to happen. Once the referral from the GP has been received, then the patient is accepted.

  4. I am fed up ofGSTT ophthalmology only giving one dropper of a particular drug and pt then needing to see me for one more for a drug that only needs to be used for a few weeks post surgery. it is a serious waste of resource.

    I am also concerned that ophthalmology do not dispense drugs very often in hospital and pt then urgently comes to the gp asking for it to be prescribed which for most things takes up to 36 hrs to issue, so the pt then ends up havign to be seen as an emergency.

    they also have a particular issue with illegible o/p prescriptions and using preparations with multiple strengths which can lead to prescribing errors, so they need to adopt standard good practice in how to write prescriptions.

    I do not seem to have this issue with otherspecialties

  5. I have had yet more patients who have had new eye drops, which were not correctly prescribed on the guys and thomas’s prescription, and also not given any initial supply by the hospital. the elderly patient has then hurried here to try and get teh prescription before we close.

    This really is unacceptable, and unfair to the patient, and puts unnecessary pressure on GP services. The patient was 1479375E

  6. I have tried lots of times as I have lots of quality alerts to put on but the website will not load

      • still seem to be having a problem have several qualiity alerts to put on would it be okay to e-mail them directly to you? but I do need your e-mail address if so used to get it when i got a auto reply from placing an alert

  7. we requested an advice call via C&B to Charing Cross Hospital on 10.11.10. it is now 3.12.10 and we still have not had a reply.i called charing cross to speak to someone and all i got was answer machines. who are we supposed to contact in these cases ??

  8. After a recent PBC meeting, I gather you wanted evidence of delayed receipt of hospital discharge summaries.

    This patient, (our EMIS case number is 35220) was admitted to KCH on 18/11/10 and discharged on 20/11/10. Diagnosis: acute diverticulitis. Rx IV antibiotics. Her husband had to tell me all the details. I still havent rcvd the discharge summary, 06/12/10.

    Could I ask you to chase this?

    best wishes, Mark

  9. parent of a child tried to contact appt line on many occasions without success to book C&B appt . i myself have sat on the phone for 30 minutes now and still no answer,what are pt’s supposed to do in these cases ??

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  11. Why are trusts not notifying us of diagnosis of cancer by fax within 24 hours – this was agreed standard and Kings seem usually to be able to manage this but St Georges not. It is not an integrated system when patient presents to us for support and we don’t even know their diagnosis!!

  12. Tulse Hill Practice
    We have seen a patient who was referred by their dentist to KCH dental department for an emergency extraction. Dental department have no emergency appointment till next week?
    Patient had to be seen by GP for antibiotics.

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